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Age limit:
To order any tobacco products from this web site, you must be 21 years of age or older or of legal age within your state. buy-usa-cigarettes.com will not sell Cigarettes to minors. 
By accepting these terms and conditions you are certifying that you are of legal age to purchase Cigarettes.  Valid identification is required. To falsify your age is a felony charge, therefore will be prosecuted by law.
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Medical advisory:
Cigarette smoke contains Carbon Monoxide. This substance causes serious health deterioration, that produces lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and may complicate pregnancy (resulting in fetal injury or premature birth). 
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Terms of use:
For personal use only. Cigarettes products sold here at buy-usa-cigarettes.com are NOT FOR RESALE
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To ensure a level of high of quality, the Cigarettes sold here at our web site are made in FRANCE, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, UK and USA, and are of high standard specification. 
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Delivering time:
Your order will be shipped 24 hours after reception. 
From the time your order is sent and the time you will receive the goods at your address, you can have up to  10 working days after the acknowledgement receipt’s date of the charging of your credit card. We cannot answer any questions regarding an expedition, before a minimum delay of thirty days after that date. 
Cigarettesplace uses Air Mail Express . 
Please note that delivering time is directly link to postal service, buy-usa-cigarettes.com is not responsable for possible delays and this is not a clause for reimboursment. 
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What are your shipping rates?
Shipping rate is 3,75$ par carton of 200 cigarettes.
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Refund conditions:
  1) Damaged goods or shipping error: 
The product must be in its original packaging and has to be returned within the next 10 days. The client should first inform support@buy-usa-cigarettes.com  that will communicate our postal address to return the merchandise. 

   2) Lost or stolen goods: 
Cigarettesplace takes no responsibility for lost orders, wrong deliveries or product damage caused by the Postal Service.

In order to offer very competitive prices, we deliver via Air Mail Express without tracking number. After many years of experience with this shipping method, we have noticed that it is reliable with virtually no lost or stolen goods.


   3) Merchandise is 100% refunded in the case where it has been seized by customs. 

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Shipping information:
Once your order has been validated, goods will be shipped within the next 24 hours except on weekends and holidays.
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Cancellation of order:
If for some reason you want to cancel your order, you can do so without any justification within 12 hours. Just notify us by email. 
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By accepting these terms and conditions of sale you are also stating that you have read all of buy-usa-cigarettes.com policies. You can also read more details on our privacy policies at our Privacy section. 
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All of our products are Premium cigarettes, made in the USA, the UK, Germany, France or in Switzerland.
Beware of other websites that offer cheap imitations made in Russia or in other Eastern Europe countries.

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